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Fargo Chiropractor Provides Sports Medicine

Fargo chiropractor Dr. Bekkum welcomes you to your home for chiropractic, pain management and sports medicine services. If you are looking for relief from acute or chronic pain, or pain associated with a sports-related injury, we have the experience to help you get back on top of your game. Whether you're suffering from foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis, leg pain causing by running or jumping, arm pain from pitching or throwing, or headaches from overexertion, we are here for you. Our Center has a variety of treatments that can help manage your pain, rehabilitate your body, and restore your range of motion.

Our Fargo chiropractor, Dr. Paul Bekkum has over twenty years of experience in helping patients put pain in the past, so they can get back to pursuing their passion. He is the only chiropractor in Fargo with chiropractic extremity care post-graduate training. He works with the NDSU rodeo team, is actively involved in sports himself, and knows how even a little injury can affect your ability to perform at your best. If you have a nagging injury or a sports-related injury contact our office today to schedule a Head to Toe complete Body Screening. Our Fargo chiropractor will listen to your health concerns, look for any underlying causes of your injury, and recommend a solution for your individual needs.

Fargo Chiropractor Treats Injuries

Once you decide to proceed with treatment, our Fargo chiropractor may use a combination of hands-on techniques, manual therapy and rehabilitation therapy to assist with pain management and movement restoration. He utilizes chiropractic manipulation treatments to restore flexibility, realign the spine and reduce arm and leg pain. Headaches may be caused by misalignments in the upper neck, which is often alleviated through soft tissue mobilization or cross friction massage. Dr. Bekkum is trained in the Graston Technique, which uses stainless steel tools to detect and resolve adhesions in tendons and muscles. If your soft tissues have become inflamed or thickened due to overuse, he uses myofascial release and deep tissue work to restore movement.

Dr. Bekkum also provides a variety of services which can aid in sports training and injury management. Kinesiology taping can be helpful in maintaining posture and stability, reducing swelling, and relieving foot pain. Electrical stimulation can rejuvenate tired muscles. Or we may recommend heat and ice therapy to reduce swelling. If you have suffered a sports-related injury we will perform a Quantitative Functional Capacity Evaluation to determine the specific areas of your body that need rehabilitation and help in customizing a rehabilitation plan just for you. Rehabilitation can be accomplished using our in-house equipment, and we will also prescribe specific exercises you can complete at home to complement and enhance our office work. During the process, we will perform another evaluation to gauge your progress and recommend any additional treatments.

We are your Fargo chiropractic care center is your home for care in all sports seasons. Spring, summer, winter, or fall - we help you enjoy it all.

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